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Lingerie Tickles, Mixed Wrestling, Bikinis, Barefeet, Crushing, Stripping and Knock Outs!

Stop by FANTASY FIGHT GIRLS and check out the latest updates in fantastic fantasy wrestling!
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What Has You?
Dedicated Purge
Dedicated Purge by SSProducts
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Spy vs Spy, Knock Outs, Mixed Wrestling, Scissors and one Heck of a Discount!

Stop by Fantasy Fight Girls and take advantage of our Super Thankful Sale! We have 4 videos listed for $1! We also listed a new Mixed Fighting video, Spy Betty vs Spy CJ. 
Thank you so much for all your support this year!! 
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Fantasy Face Sitting? Competitive Pins and Submissions? Mixed Kick Boxing?
 New updates from

FFGFAN213 Facesitting Match 3: SinD vs Sybil
Sybil and SinD are having a facesit pins match, and Sybil is relentless in her domination of gorgeous SinD! The girls are barefoot and in bikinis and Sybil holds her down and makes her say that Sybil is the better wrestler, but still proceeds to smother her out! 19 minutes, $16

FFGMIX245 Karen Kick Boxes
Karen shows off her amazing kickfighting skills. This one includes a few awesome face kicks and some excellent foot-in-the-face tramples. Karen is at her kicking best. From FOOTBOXER

 RUFF002 Iridal vs Safa Pins and submissions wrestling. Either counts in this ten minute fully competitive match! Iridal Loveland vs Safa Warda. 12 minutes long with pre and post interviews.$10

and also a new $1 bin video


Hollywood Does Not . . Hollywood finds out that the promotion she was up for at work is given to Sybil Starr, and Sybil informs her that she will have to make her coffee everyday, clean her desk and kiss her shoes! Hollywould does not go in for this type of treatment at all!!! She decides that she will get that promotion by beating down Sybil and making her give up the promotion she was given. Hollywould, scissors, punches, applies figure fours, belly punches, and applies other various wrestling holds on Sybil in this one sided beat down. Poor Sybil ends up crying, defeated and humiliated! 30 minutes, now $1

so stop by
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Lost. Left. Left me.Gone. 2 years. Miss you.
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Kicking, Trampling, Crushing and Teasing! Recent updates!

FFGMIX245 Karen Kick Boxes
Karen shows off her amazing kickfighting skills. This one includes a few awesome face kicks and some excellent foot-in-the-face tramples. Karen is at her kicking best. From FOOTBOXER

FFGMIX244 Wrestling Prisoner
Van is a prisoner receiving his wrestling humiliation from Sybil Starr. He can't say no to being her sparring partner, and no matter what he does, she gets the better of him. 6 minutes, $5

FFGMIX243 Yoga Beat Down 2
SinD checks out a new yoga studio where she has a free lesson, but you get what you pay for! This creepy yoga instructor insists on being very "hands on" during their session, until finally SinD has to teach him the ultimate beat down lesson! Ball busting scissor holds and more. 11 minutes long

FFGFAN212 Photo Shoot Gone Wrong
The Diva, Lia Labowe, thinks she is all that and a bag of chips. . but Fantasia just can't take it anymore, this is her photoshoot too and she is tired of Lia stealing the spotlight and decides to put her in her place. Scissors, figure fours, KO's and crushing. . this tiny girl is no match for Fantasia's brutal muscles! 31 minutes, $29

FFGFAN211 Pain Challenge
Betty Battles Challenges Sybil Starr to an underground fantasy match where Betty puts Sybil into holds and Sybil is not allowed to make any sounds as she tries to get out of the holds. Betty wears a bikini and Sybil wear leotards and tights. 15 minutes, $15
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Classic Leotard & Pantyhose Wrestling Match
I was working on updating the competitive matches on, as I noticed that some of the products were non functional, and I re-discovered this doozy! 

I had the honor of getting together-once a year-with this fabulous girl, known to many as "Pin Down Girl Nikki" for my birthday. We would wrestle each other, mostly for fun, as we both enjoyed each other and the competition.  I really miss her. This was a great pins match that we wore thong leotards and tights for. 
You can only purchase it in 5 minute segments currently.
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Fantasy Fight Girls Has Been Updated! New Mixed Wrestling with a Male Dominated match,
FFGMIX242 CJ vs Sybil

New Female Pro-Wrestling Match
FFGFAN210SG Taeler vs Josie 3

 New weekly $1 bin video
and check it out!!!
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Featured $1 Belly Punching Video! from our weekly update "$1 Bin"
FFGMIX010 Hell Belly

Two men tied up with their belly's exposed, four women ready to take advantage. . . how long can they last? Belly Punching and abuse administered in a new arena . . 12 minutes
on sale now for $1

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TRAVEL ALERT: Lia Labowe from Lia:
I will be in....
LA - Oct 22nd -24th
Las Vegas Oct 27th - 28th

Please email me directly to set up a match.

Lia Labowe

the pictures are from Video FFGFAN209 LIA POSES
found at
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Fantasy Fight Girls go to HELL! 6!
I am very excited about this big shoot. . we are trying something different this time around. . and working a format that I have always wanted to try. . .

I am leasing a house on the beach of Lake Michigan and inviting ladies in for our HELL 6! Custom Video and Picture shoot (yes I do think it's crazy that we are celebrating our 6th year!!!)

Lia Labowe
Betty Battles
Amanda formerly of sexy grappling
Betty Jaded
and Myself (Sybil Starr)

we also have Van the Man
and CJ coming in to take beatings and work with the ladies if you have any mixed wrestling/fighting scripts in mind!

We are getting together Sept 25-28th to shoot.  During that time the gals will be asked to make behind the scenes videos, participate in a calendar shoot and a cat fight team tournament--along with shooting our videos that you, our fans, order!
 If you are interested in helping us to make these cool things happen and being part of our drama and fun please check out our "Fund Us" page to see what packages we offer or if you just want to help out. . all donations and sponsorship levels are accepted. . .

And, as usual, our custom prices are very reasonable!

and if you know of any gals who might be interested in participating or anyone you personally think would be great, please let me know! just e-mail me directly at

I cannot thank the sponsors and customers we have had over the past 6 years who have helped us to make this event such a success every year!!  Thank you thank you!
kisses and scissors,
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$1 Bin- FFGFAN001 Sunday Scissors now ON SALE
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SSP Needs Sponsors to Grow!
Hey Starr Army!
We have big plans for the future here at Sybil Starr productions and in order to grow and get better, we need the help of our fans, as always.  We hope to continue amusing, titillating and entertaining you with our fight videos, assassin chicks, panty hosed villains, cat fights, pro-wrestling shows and more. . and in order to do this, we would like to purchase some new equipment.New cameras would make the quality of what we produce even better!

 We feel that these cameras would help our company get to the next level in production.  We want to film more fight girls series videos and also have a fighting girl/zombie movie on the books. . .with our biggest shoot of the year right around the corner we are asking for help now. 

Also during our Hell Week events, we will be having a private party for our sponsors which will coincide with our day of  "Team Cat Fighting." Captains will chose their cat fight teams and the girls will compete for points!

For more information about our big shoot at the end of September, contact me directly!

and use our sponsorship/donation page to help us out, all levels are welcome!

Thank you so much for your continued support and belief in our company!

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HELL WEEK this may be our biggest yet!! Hello Starr Army and friends!  Big news for Sybil Starr Productions, we are getting ready for our biggest  shoot of the year!  HELL WEEK! It is a tradition started by our company 6 years ago;  We invite some of your favorite fight/model girls in, sometimes for a day, a weekend or a week, to shoot videos and take pictures that YOU choose for us!  You can write the scripts or tell us what pictures you want us to take! Our prices are super reasonable. . or maybe you just want to be a sponsor for our shoot and get a copy of the videos we film and pictures we take, or sponsor a competitive fight between two fighters. .

The female fight girls who have confirmed so far are: Lia Labowe, Sin-D, Betty Battles, Amanda, & Dakkota.

Are there other girls we should invite?  Do you have ideas for scripts?
Please contact me directly and we can talk about it. . .  our rates are very reasonable and we accept credit cards.
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Watch the Starr Girls Epic Mockumentary, for FREE on our facebook group! STARR GIRLS ON FACEBOOK
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Today's Featured Mixed Wrestling Match FFGMIX181 Boyfriend Bed Wrestling
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Today's Featured Female Fantasy Fight match FFGFAN125 Payton Pins Ruby
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Two Classic Betty Battles Matches
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